In the fifth installation, the series will be renamed Cullen Age. Or we learn that his surname is Dragon and that he was the main character all along. 

I’m currently down under (read: Australia) and haven’t had any time draw a comic, so I give you this instead.

I did legit see the ship in the clouds. I am bitter to this day that I didn’t manage to get a photo of it because it was super cool.

(I also saw a single cloud in a completely clear sky once, shaped like a reaper. That was creepy.)

I would never suggest that the aliens are, perhaps, complete morons, but at times when playing ME1… Well, I marveled that they ever managed to invent space travel. 

Wrex was absolutely unplayable, as he was huge and would without fail take the space right where I was taking cover. When he would inevitably die from not taking cover he’d be too big a corpse to properly see around too. Let’s just say he wasn’t my favorite.

Garrus’s habit of getting stuck behind doors is well documented (pressing buttons is a difficult concept, ok?) but I’m not sure how many had Tali angrily leaving cover to shoot people in the face in full view. It happened with Jack once in ME2 too, to be fair.

Liara left Ashley and Shepard once to deal with a long area on their own, because a corner at the start of the area was too difficult to leave behind. And I can’t bring her to places with pillars, at all. They’re her best friends. 

Strangely enough, Kaidan and Ashley never exhibited these kinds of problems when I played with them.

And the presentations continue, this time with Dorian Pavus. Who has admittedly had some reveals about his character, but we here and Champions and Heroes choose to present these characters in ways the creators haven’t even considered! Gasp!

Mr Dorian McFancy Beard aka The Moustache Mage, the single wielder of this school of magic in all of Thedas. Marvel at his skill, marvel at those beards. Just marvel.

Dragon Age Origins had statistics where you could see how many humans, darkspawn, etc you had killed. The number of humans I had killed were as good as always greater than the number of darkspawn (it shifted towards the end of the game though). Essentially, my Warden would have done Thedas a greater service if they set those humans out to fight the darkspawn, even if they only killed on each before dying. 

Hawke and the crew… fight even less darkspawn. Frankly, they’re likely the most prolific band of serial killers that Kirkwall has seen since the days under Tevinter rule.

Imagine Mass Effect told through the eyes of Silly Hawke. It would truly be the darkest day.

I’m sorry Lorik, but you should have known it was a lost cause when you asked a vanguard to deal with the mess. 

Anonymous said: Please allow me to say these comics [and the captions] are ah-may-zing - pure genius

You, anon, are a cutie. Thank you :)


"I used the emergency induction port"
Tali cosplay, Dream Hack 2014

Hey guys, one of our friends just finished her Tali cosplay and we are super proud of her and her wiggly quarian toes. Sadly, neither of us could go to Dream Hack with her, but we followed the cosplay via the stream and we think you should bask in her glory as well. So go on, bask!

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Continuing on the same meme as last week. A bit lazy, yes, but we’ve been conventioning (should totally be a verb) so there’s been little time to draw.

Anders and Fenris may have different opinions on the matter, but let’s face it, they think about the same subject a lot.

Champions and Heroes presents:
Whatcha thinkin bout?… oh that’s Hawkward..

Anders looks so cute and innocent. 

Don’t let that fool you! We all know what happens when we let our guards down around him D:<

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